The company is a professional provider of network and IT hi-tech services with a great member of clients. Now based on those advantages, company expands to offer one-stop network application services, covering network hardware to applications.

China, with its unparalleled history and civilizations, is regarded as one full of charms and mysteries.

The episodes show the fantastic cultures through amazing paper-cutting, shadow play, dough figure, explore the splendid history via a great number of relics of jades, bronzes and porcelains and illustrate the colorful customs of various minorities in China.


The company will organize the teaching content with independent property rights, 

cooperation with domestic and foreign publishing houses, publishing Chinese Learning 

Series materials both for selflearning and distance teaching. 


Meanwhile, the company will use its advantage and accumulation in the cultural and 

tourism areas, gradually organize and publish travel series with overseas publishers.    


For overseas tourists market we highlight the concept of personalized travel, including:

traveling the scenic majestic mountains and rivers and experience the customs of different 

ethnic customs, in particular, introduce gourmet tours, health tours, Kung Fu tours and 

archaeological tours. Allow people to experience an intimate, real China: mountains and 

rivers, experience the Chinese scenery; magnificent Palace, appreciate the historical time.


The company also focused on organization or co-organization of international conferences and art exhibitions to further promote cultural exchanges, and constantly promote the friendship to seek more cooperation opportunities. Meanwhile, the company set up the project hopes to open a fixed places at home and abroad for spreading Chinese culture.

In Chinese, RWStation means spread newest language and interpreting teaching mode around the world. Our training center’s guide line is “self feature, integrate advanced ideas, practical-oriented and be unique in our style”. We absorb the most advanced professional knowledge and teaching experience, and then form our own style training feature and ideas. We would let our students enhance professional skills and make wonderful life through most effective and fast method. Our training center is dedicated to: educate practical, professional and outstanding language talents, provide working and developing opportunities for every talent, provide target talents training, talents rental for enterprises, help enterprises to upgrade core competition. We have four series of more than 20 training courses including business, traveling and culture experience such as study tour and home stay.

Chinese Essence Hall is a cultural and real estate project, which aims at constructing Chinese style buildings and showing the audience Chinese popular performances. Like a theme park, entertainment, diet and shopping are combined together. Throughout the year, various activities will be held such as competitions and exhibitions which will help the local people understand more about China.