The company has a young but steadyITteam, since the company has already completed a number of government 

websites, systems and inforlization of business partners.


Team can handle all of the process from the needs analysis, site architecture to database design, programming, 

testing and maintenance, its excellent job is often praised by customers. Complete control of the team technical 

php, Net, excel, oracle, makes the team capable to complete different sites and systems required by all customers.


SAAS and Cloud cacculation are now able to provide comprehensive services to solve the problems which the 

small and medium enterprises encounter during the informlization and comprehensively enhance customer value.



RWStation is an integrated company, and the business covers IT technology, language training and culture transmitting. Our aim is to build a new mode which contains online business and offline business. We really believe that language learning is a kind of living need learning. Each language exists in everyday life.

RWStation, whose business covers teaching Chinese, tour, interpreting, online business, training, rental of lingual talents and target talents training, is a high-tech enterprise group. As a high-tech enterprise owning most advanced distance-learning platform, with the help of broad partners, RWStation have successfully made itself a strong enterprise to know Chinese culture trusted by foreigners. And we will continue to promote Chinese traditional culture, transmit Chinese culture, let the world understand China and love China.

As a group full of vigor and vitality, our motto is “constantly strive to become stronger, carry responsibilities with profound morality, fatalistic and creative, go forward together with our united strength to gain a success”.

Conception: Client and Communication. Keep communication with clients to understand better and more for enhancing our services.

Culture: Consolidation and Creation. Strength and Innovation comes from the union, which are our aims.

Value: To be the best one in cultural exchanges and transmitting worldwide.




Facing the increasingly fierce competitions, the company insists on "customer first, faith first" principle,  based on market-oriented plan, we actively develop the cultural industry markets; the company plans to combine the online and offline business in order to grow as a cross-media integration marketing, which aims at achieving multi-cultural communications and interactions. We hope to deeply involve in the integration and optimization of industrial chain, and gradually form a multiplely integrated development pattern.
Company has a experienced core team at market, management, creativity, technology areas; nost them have the background of overseas studying or working, as well as versed in domestic developments.The company so far has 50 employees, most with college degree,1 / 3with a double master's or master's degree, the accumulation of talents solid the foundation for long-term development.




The company has a capable design team, all of the designers not only has solid art foundation but has a relatively rich

experience. In addition to website design, the team is good at the book design, VI design and product packaging 



With history, culture and art background, the team is engaged in outreach and language translation work, who 

completed the English Sanxingdui museum display translation, and now the team is completing the major portals of 

Chinese culture website www.soundseechina.com and derived therefrom, books, magazines and video content to 

promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.


This is an experienced production team, the core personnels are handy at filming, editing, special effects and 

animation to dubbing. Team have worked for the Beijing Television, China Education TV, completed promotion 

animation "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles" produced by Yimou Zhang, and shot various types of large 

celebrations, events, seminars and various topics of advertising films, videos.


Tourism team has strong planning and implementation capacity, from the start in Beijing soon covered over half of China. The whole team is good at organizing all kinds of tourism, cultural tourism, adventure tourism, unique design, thoughtful arrangements, especially by foreign tourists like it.