With economic development and cultural revival, China attracts more and more attention both from home and abroad.
Prominent geographical features of Chinese culture and is the core of our entire creativity, whether it is traveling or language teaching.Company is committed to the promotion and dissemination of Chinese culture, with 2008 Olympic Games and the national projects "Chinese culture walking out", we believe on material culture level (material culture) a large number of business opportunities will appear.We hope that through our own efforts we can introduce out authentic Chinese culture and products.In the history of Chinese and foreign exchanges, none of them is merely the spirital communications, often based on materials exchange.Therefore, we hope to help build a stable promotion window, able to implication of the essence of Chinese culture, in particular, reflects the essence of traditional Chinese life, material goods to foreign countries. For many years specialized in the field of material culture in English translation makes us working as cultural ambassadors.
Project Advantages
 Project has four major advantages, which will become a window for foreigners to understand China and assistant living in China.
1.The first promotional video websites
For the convenience of foreigners traveling, studying, living and working in China, our system introduces Chinese history, culture, art systematically, aiming at to become the first portal of Chinese knowledge, and we introduce necessities of life information in details; Today , similar websites such asThat'sBeijing, and theCity Weekend, China Daily,CRI, etc. which provide similar information and advertisings.Our site has the advantage of the publicity business for a more intuitive, to give a more comprehensive and thoughtful presentation and online services, we will provide streaming video broadcasting, image information and text description.
"China's annual comprehensive report on Internet advertising marketin2007" shows: In addition to the portal's brand and search engine advertising, the digital magazine ads, video ads, blog ads, online games and other forms of embedded advertising audience influence gradually increased.Based on these latest developments and trends, the site aims to be the first video website for the overseas market promotion.
2.Comprehensive interaction experience
Customers can directly access the network map, get details of the location; send invitation to friends and family; or to evaluate the consumer's experience.Members can e-mail, messages, and instant messaging tools to get online information services, can also complete the book, purchase and other consumer behavior.Besides simple website advertising, e-commerce platform extends to the full range of service areas, triggering a more complete customer experience.
Site offers a wealth of information with more attentive services, more convenient communications, not just advertising: It is the biggest difference with other sites; Therefore, this project will also gain more satisfaction and market share.
3.Convenient information management and publishing
The web site also provides the administrative interface for merchants; merchants can update text, images, video; issue coupons and a variety of activities; and through customer reviews, rate, understanding feedback, and constantly improve.Companies can even complete theB2Cplatform to help businesses achieve customer online ordering, payment and a series of operations, and complete the business needs of the statistical calculations.
Management interface is simple and easy to operate, easy to maintain and store various types of data; the stability of company's server and database, bandwidth support data security and a large number of customers accurate and smooth browsing.
4.The integration of cross-media platform

According to the advantages of technology and content, the project will gradually participate in the cultural industries upstream and downstream, and gradually integrate and improve the industrial chain, while expanding to other media, such as: mobile phone, digital TV, magazines, books.Ultimately form online and offline interaction, cross-media marketing platform, and industry links.



SOUND SEE CHINADirect Magazine Project
DM is a marketing method, DM advertising market has accounted for 10% to 20%.Currently, the specific form in domestic is the DM magazines.Although the domestic media is still in its infancy, but because it excludes the news text interference, and has targeted, accurate delivery, fierce offensive, free reading and other advantages, it develops rapidly in China.The advantages of DM is the targeted distribution, combination of media and product information, high degree of unity of form and content, the reader is the recipient of commodity information.This form of DM enriches media advertising levels, play a guiding role of consumption.DM Advertising market in China currently accounts for nearly 1%, compared with other countries, growth space is still huge.
We are for expatriates in China or planning to China, for distinguishing with That's Beijing, Time Out and other leisure and entertainment magazines, based on cooperation and expertise of resources, magazine will combine Chinese study, travel, traditional culture with modern life.It aims at "more authentic understanding of China and understand China more authentic."
"Chinese Culture and Arts Series (bilingual edition)" project
As an ancient civilization, China has not only a large number of cultural heritage, but rich intangible cultural heritage. In order to implement the relevant support of protection on important cultural heritage and outstanding folk arts issued by 16th Party Congress, to fulfill China's accession to the UNESCO "Convention on the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage" obligation, China has strengthen non-material cultural heritage protection in recent years.
On the other hand, as China develops, more and more attention paid to Chinese culture and art, a "China fever" has already taken shape; in order to promote greater understanding of the world to China and exchanges, the "Chinese culture and art series ( bilingual edition), "is under way.
"China Book International Promotion" is a national strategy.1995 to 2007, China imported 98,704 copyrighted books while the total output volume is 12,731, and cultural deficit down to 4:1 from 15:1; the same time, movies, TV shows, audio and video products, software and other areas are becoming vigorous.During the increasing, books relevant to traditional Chinese culture, arts are more popular.Foreign Languages, Executive Director Guo Xiaoyong, said: "there is not no demand on international market, but we are in short supply, in the final analysis, we do not have good translations to introduce domestic works abroad." Only the realization of cultural output can match Chinese cultural power and status.
"Chinese Culture Root" series of documentary projects
Culture is the soul of history; history is the carrier of cultural heritage.Regardless how history of a country or a nation changes, culture has always been its unique spiritual tradition, it is the continuation of life and development of custom heritage with a strong national identity, which is difficult to be alienated, conquered, instead it grows and innovate consciously. Late of 20th century, China has successfully completed five thousand years of history dating project, which is contributed to both history and nation.It declared to the world five thousand years of Chinese history of civilization is real.At the completion of the work, there are wise men suggested the possibility of dating further, and then carry out a “Sourceprojects."Since obtained maritime supremacy, Wester Center is on prevalent.Early20thcentury, "the Chinese culture coming from the west is" sponsored??byWesterners and then suppoted by Japan, under the advocacy, even become very popular; until today Chinese civilization is recognized by many Western scholars not beyond 3500 years ago of “Pan Geng Moving toYin”.Therefore, the archaeological exploration of cultural development and social progress from Huangdi and Yandi to the Xia and Shang Dynasties period, will inspire the national spirit of the fine national cultural traditions, enhance national cohesion, and promote socialist spiritual civilization, which has very important significance.
"A country without documentaries is like a family there is no album." Chile documentary film director Gu Postman's words spread far and wide in the world. 
The primary advantage of the project itself is the positioning: The Roots of Chinese people, the video books for foreigners understanding China.In the topic searching process, adhere to three conditions: First, there must be a national characteristics, because the more national, more global; Second, there must be international, because only this way the work can be extended to overseas ; Third, we must have good content and picture quality, only that have commercial values.
Project has been determined the international route from the very beginning, the project is not only to hire national experts as consultants, will also invite foreign experts and authors, and even other key production staff.Previously, we have difficultities in entering international documentary market, mainly due to: a lack of the necessary commentary, as well as other difficult to understand, especially the issues of cultural differences; second, we are unable to tell the story to the foreigners.The project will focus on changing this situation.

The film seeks to rich emotional narrative with plot, vividly show the true history and culture of the Shang Dynasty.The literature is very important for the film, not only narrative, but also lyrical and expand the discussion; Therefore, the creation of narration, the team is composed of both a literary background and the creation of the Shang dynasty research.Commentary is deep, penetrating with strong intention; the whole structure can be a very good article with clear feeling lines, causing people to think and resonance.

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